Initiative 123

Alaskan Way Elevated Park + other amenities


Our mission is to give the people of Seattle a choice at the ballot on August 2 about how the downtown waterfront redevelops.

Initiative 123 offers a 2.0 version of the downtown waterfront plan that fixes over a dozen glitches in the status quo 1.0 plan.  While costing no more than the 1.0 plan, the 2.0 version delivers in spades.

The biggest improvement is elevating the promenade.  Initiative 123’s 2.0 version harmonizes a mile-long elevated park on a brand new garden bridge into the scheme (after the viaduct comes down) that preserves Seattle’s best public view for future generations. It creates a real public park – an unforgettable mile-long 6-acre central open space for the people of Seattle and beyond – not just more commercial areas being marketed as parks that are hemmed in by cars, a freight route and private buildings on the piers.

Initiative 123 has a much better plan for the future of Seattle’s downtown waterfront and it benefits absolutely everyone, not just a few.  

Initiative 123 will be on the Seattle ballot in August of 2016.  Vote YES.