Initiative 123

Alaskan Way Elevated Park + other amenities

The I-123 Vision

Alaskan Way Elevated Park creates a 6-acre sustainable legacy for the future of Seattle.  The unforgettable mile-long park allows us to maintain the spectacular public view Seattle has enjoyed for 60 years, while revitalizing the waterfront and reinvigorating downtown.

Initiative 123 is great for people, great for business, and great for the environment; a win, win, win

Our Policy

  • I-123 is an upcoming ballot initiative dedicated to creating a truly world class waterfront for Seattle by integrating a mile long elevated part into the waterfront plan while universally improving usability and access.
  • I-123 provides for better, more efficient public waterfront management via a Public Development Authority .
  • I-123 sacrifices none of the features and necessities of the city’s current unimproved plan while creating a better waterfront that’s better for everyone.
  • The time is right for I-123.  Elevated parks are at the forefront of urban open spaces and delays in the unimproved plan have created an opportunity for a re-imagining of Seattle’s iconic waterfront.
  • The city’s unimproved waterfront plan attempts to mix commercial, transportation, and pedestrian space into an end product that doesn’t meet any of these users’ needs.
  • An elevated park provides a safe, scenic, and practical open space while simultaneously preserving walkable commercial space and vital freight access along Alaskan Way.